Of course, fashion is the biggest part of any women's life.
Well mine is one of my passions, I couldnt own too many clothes, I have a habit of always buying a piece of clothing with what ever spare change I seem to have.



Fashion covers so many areas of life, fashion of the clothing you wear, fashion design in your house and so much more. Fashion is a style that will be always changing, moving back and fourth to the past and bringing back old styles from the years that have passed. 

Modelling, I see it as a way of men & women gaining confidence within themselves. Its a vision of beauty and catching the best in peoples looks and features. 

There is always so much dislike about the words "MODEL" or "MODELLING" but thats because most are judged on there weight or there looks. How I see it, everyone is a model for themselves, you dont need to be a size O to look good. Everyone has there own unusual features , thats what makes each human being different from each other.